Monday, February 7, 2011

Shirt sold better than expected

Hello everyone this is just a follow up to the shirt that chose & sold on Feb5th.  Like the title said it sold pretty well & was happy with the results.  Its a blend of Star Wars & Abbey Rd.  Thanks for everyone that picked one up already & in case you happened to miss out and would like to oppertunity to still have one, contact me and I can arrange printing one for you.  I'll be keeping a sharp eye out there trying to spot some one wearing my shirt hahaa, ok thanks again and be on the look out for future designs. 


  1. Hey Angelo....
    Darlene told me about your design & success ! Congratulations on such a large order in 24 hours. I have to look at other peoples designs on this site.....? I will have to try &try it myself! Good luck!
    Your cousin Lisa in London...... x x x

  2. congrats on your success!

    i heard about the shirt on a podcast last week and have scoured the internet to try and find it... all i could find until tonight were ones of just storm trooper helmets or one with han, lea and the droids...

    i was wondering how i would go about contacting you to possibly get a shirt... my sister's birthday is next week and she would absolutely LOVE to have one of those tees...

    please email me at or let me know how i can contact you.